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Tawantinsuyo Travel is a company of professionals exclusively dedicated to tourism in different areas, offering the highest level of due care, discovering the charms and giving you the opportunity to know the attractions that Peru has , especially the mysterious and wonderful destination  of Cusco , well-known and recognized in all Peru and the world.

Trust us , we know how to give you the service you need with the warmest staff and the best prices.




Well -known as one of the most prestigious travel agencies at national and international level, offering the best quality service , and so characterized as being an organization committed to quality, cutting-edge technology with the lowest costs .




Our vision is to be the leader in innovation and quality of tourist services recognized by the responsible commitment to the development of their environment and the highest coverage in Latin America. Our mission includes creating jobs, strengthening awareness about protection and conservation of both natural and cultural resources of our living culture. Tourism must meet myriad of details that have to do with comfort, safety the enjoyment of the traveler.




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