LENGTH OF TOUR: approx. 4 hours

FREQUENCY: Every day in the afternoon



The bus picks up the passengers from the hotel at the stated time.

The tour starts in ancient downtown, then heads to the Cathedral for a guided visit, then it makes a visit to Qoricancha , the Temple of the Sun, afterwards you will ride the bus to visit the four ruins nearby: Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay. To end the tour the passengers are taken to their respective hotels or if they wish they can return to the Main Square.



Constructed between 1560 and 1664, great blocks of red granite were used the facade is of Renaissance style.

In the interior, sits a beautiful Altarpiece made of pure silver. The Cathedral holds great treasures in gold as well as valuable artworks and paintings from Cusco’s colonial era.



Qoricancha museum was built in the Inca era as a temple to worship the sun. Its walls are made of large blocks of stone, whose ancient remains, now sit under the Convent of Santo Domingo.



Sacsayhuaman, is the site of an ancient complex built by the Inca Empire, located on a hilltop,  2 kilometres from the city of Cusco. It was believed to be a fortress and a place for religious ceremonies. Sacsayhuaman, like most Inca structures, is made of large polished stone walls, each boulder cut precisely to fit together perfectly without the use of mortar.



Qenqo is a rocky place, located 3 kilometers from Cusco, where stairs and ceremonial altars have been carved. This site was used as an oracle or shrine, for religious ceremonies. There you will find a cavern on which there are carved elements related to Inca farming rituals. You will also see a stone measuring 5.90 m., on which casts a shadow with the appearance of a Puma, during the solstice of the sun.



Puca Pucara, located 6 kilometres from Cusco, is believed to be an ancient Inca military complex. Some also believe it was a place for control and storage of the food production of the valley nearby.



Tambomachay, located 7 kilometres from the city of Cusco, is a structure made of finely assembled terraced stones. It consists of canals and two aqueducts, with flowing water from a fresh water spring whose origin is unknown. The only waterfall, which falls into a fountain, is named the “Bath of the Inca”.



•Touristic transportation

•Bilingual professional guide



•Entrances: Partial touristic ticket, S/ 70 soles

•Full Touristic ticket S/.130 soles



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